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New Mashup from DJ Element – Radioactive Waters of Nazareth

December 6th, 2008 No comments

So I haven’t made a mashup in a long time, but i decided to test out the program I usually use for original productions/creations – Ableton Live, as a mash up remix tool.

It fucking rocks.

I remixed Justice Cross’ track Waters of Nazareth with rapper Large Professor’s song Radioactive. I think it works really well together – you got that angry punk-electronica thing going with Large professor’s staccato old school rap about radioactivity? How can you go wrong?

Check it out! Comments welcome:

(note: if you have heart issues, you probably shouldn’t play this track. It’s got a really in-your-face analog dirty intro that might make you think your computer is going to blow up…)



DJ Element – Radioactive Waters of Nazareth

Download the full track here

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