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A Formal Welcome

December 9th, 2008 2 comments

Well, hello, hello!  I just wanted to take a second to state how appreciative I am to any reader that visits this blog, and how utterly indebted I am to any reader that actually reads or listens to anything this blog contains!

I should probably work on the tongue-in-cheek thing a little more….

ANYWAY, glad you’re here and here’s to you finding something on this page that you’ll enjoy immensely.  Updates will range from anything to original music from Ari (as DJ Element) and I (as Loki), our weekly radio show and video simulcast, articles and random rants from us and guest bloggers, other spur of the moment type posts of whatever we want to share with our readers, and various other posts encompassing the lives we’re living as immigrants in Tel Aviv.

I know I speak for Ari when I say that we’re both looking forward to producing a great blog for everyone, but we also want this to become a sort of virtual gathering place for the young TA community to come and commune with some kindred spirits.  We encourage anyone to hit us up whenever, with whatever, especially if you’re offering feedback or want to get involved in the production of content.

So again, welcome, good looking out, and keep checking the site.


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Welcome to Tel AvivRE

November 27th, 2008 1 comment

Welcome to the new site!

if we had an album, this would be the cover

if we had an album, this would be the cover

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