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Joe the Plumber Coming to Israel as a War Correspondent and I Just Lost Faith in Humanity

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So I really thought it was a joke. No, no no, it’s for real. Joe the plumber, that infamous anti-hero of the 2008 campaign who appealed to the idiocy of middle America on behalf of John Mccain, is coming to Israel for 10 days to report on the Gaza conflict/war. He’s coming on behalf of PJTV – a conservative video blog.

Now some of you may question his expertise in foreign affairs, but I assure you his record is very clear–>

Well, the only thing that could have made this story that much better if he was coming on behalf of Fox News.

Here’s more from Haaretz/AP:

The Ohio man, who became famous during the U.S. presidential campaign after asking Barack Obama about his tax plan, is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for a conservative Web site called

Dubbed Joe the Plumber by McCain’s campaign, Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher was held up as an example of an American worker who would be hurt economically by Obama’s election.
Wurzelbacher says he’ll spend 10 days covering the fighting and explaining why Israeli forces are mounting attacks against Hamas.

He tells WNWO-TV in Toledo that he wants go over there and let their ‘Average Joes’ share their story.

Doesn’t he mean the average Shmulik?

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